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Our Mission

We offer life-saving recovery tools for adults suffering with addiction or co-existing mental health and substance use disorders to achieve individualized recoveries.

Our History

In 1985, a group of recovery advocates, sensitive to the need for sober living decided to provide a structured living environment for men with alcohol and other drug (AOD) addictions.  Over the next five to six year period, steady growth, because of growing AOD addiction challenges was realized 12&12’s commitment was elevated to include a second facility to accommodate women with similar substance abuse and AOD addiction issues.  Subsequently, a contractual agreement was reached with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and 12&12 began to provide substance abuse treatment and AOD addiction services and structured living to various inmate and pre-parolees.

In 1992, 12&12 responded to increasing demands and needs from the recovery community by catapulting into a new phase of development.  Vital programs were added which included: intensive inpatient treatment, medically supervised detoxification and a comprehensive outpatient program to include individual and group therapies.  Within this same time frame, the city’s largest outpatient program for women (Women’s Treatment Center) was merged into the 12&12 family of services, positioning 12&12 as the largest outpatient program in Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma.

Due to the burgeoning demand for services provision and growing AOD addiction needs in the community, the 12&12 Board of Directors began to search for a facility sufficient in size and expansion potential to accommodate the heightened need for services.  In September 1993 a huge facility, formerly housing the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, was purchased.  This center of 170,000 square feet includes 277 double-occupancy rooms, complete with kitchen and dining facilities, offices, meeting rooms and laundry facilities was to become the home to 12&12’s staff and patients/clients.  All programs, with the exception of DOC Halfway House, were moved into the new facility in February 1994.

Today 12&12 is recognized as one of the largest but most importantly, comprehensive, professionally staffed substance abuse/AOD addiction treatment center in the State of Oklahoma and the region.  We are the only facility in northeastern Oklahoma that offers medically supervised detoxification, residential and outpatient substance abuse/AOD addiction treatment, and transitional living programs all in one location.

  • In 1994 12&12 was awarded “The Outstanding Treatment Program” for the State of Oklahoma by the Chemical Addiction Programs Directors Association.
  • In 2013, 12&12 was awarded the BEST Residential AOD Addiction Treatment Center in Oklahoma by consumers through a survey sponsored by the Oklahoma Citizen Advocates for Recovery and Treatment Association (OCARTA).
  • Also in 2013, The Tulsa Area United Way awarded 12&12 GOLD member agency status for outstanding support of our community.
  • In 2014, the Coalition of Advocates presented 12&12 with the Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment provider Advocacy Award.

12 and 12 30th Anniversary Celebration

The attachment below is a presentation of our 30th anniversary celebration.  The presentation takes you through the history of 12 and 12 from it’s inception to present day.  The format was created for PowerPoint and has been converted to pdf format.

12 and 12 30th Anniversary Celebration 2015

Why We Do What We Do


  • The most recent national survey on drug use and health ranks Oklahoma #1 nationally for the nonmedical use of pain relievers in the past year for all age categories.
  • The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services estimates that 77 percent of adults in need of substance abuse treatment are not receiving appropriate care.
  • More than 245,000 Oklahomans, above the age of 12, are dependent on alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Two-thirds of Oklahomans who need help, and qualify, can’t get it.
  • One in four admissions to area hospitals is related to untreated mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. Emergency rooms fill to capacity with Oklahomans suffering health issues related to addiction.


  • The estimated cost of the addiction and substance abuse to Oklahoma and its residents is an estimated $7.2 billion a year.
  • The 200,000 Oklahoma workers dealing with depression and substance abuse will cost the state an extra $600 million in medical expenses annually.
  • With no access to mental health or addiction treatment, Oklahomans end up incarcerated.
  • 50 percent of Oklahoma inmates are in prison for crimes relating to substance abuse. Incarceration costs for one Oklahoman for one year is approximately $29,000. The average cost of substance abuse treatment (30-day program) is less than $5,000.
  • State incarceration rates continue to skyrocket, at a substantial cost to the taxpayer.
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