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Treatment Services

As the largest accredited Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center (CCARC) in Oklahoma and the only CCARC that provides the full continuum of services, 12&12 emphasizes individualized care to treat the Brain Disease of Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) addiction in a safe and nurturing environment by our Addiction Board-Certified/Licensed Doctors and Psychiatrist, Masters-level Clinicians, Nurses and Support Staff.

There is no single level of treatment that, in-general, is appropriate for all patients/clients.

Individualized Treatment recommendation and individualized care is based upon evidence-based, professionally recognized therapeutic interventions and medical necessity. Our patients/ clients move through various phases based upon their individual needs and progress. At times, patients/clients may be step-down, stepped-up, even moved laterally in levels of care (with slight intervention adjustments) to meet the ever changing needs of folks who are healing from the Brain Disease of AOD

Medically-Supervised Detoxification (Detox)

Is our highest level of care, designed for those who are Physician-assessed to be at a high degree of risk for medical complications during AOD withdrawal.

This program involves medical monitoring protocols, staffed by registered nurses. With primary care oversight administered by an addiction-certified physician, typical length of stay at this level is 4 to 7 days.

Ambulatory Detoxification

After a brief medical stabilization and a possible, if indicated, medications induction, Ambulatory Detox provides a convenient alternative to medically-supervised detox on an outpatient basis for patients/clients who have an active, healthy support system and present with no apparent high-risk medical or neurological symptoms as a result of substance abuse.

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)

Facilitated by an experienced, Licensed/under-supervision Primary Counselor (supplemented by an Integrated Treatment Team) this protocol includes 37 hours weekly hours of  integrated, individual, group, and education counseling services including: anger management, grief recovery, self-esteem enhancement, coping skills acquisition, stress management skills, interpersonal relationship-building skills, gender-specific issues and relapse prevention, of which the balance of these interventions are based upon the individualized Treatment Plan for each patient/client.

Intensive Co-occurring Residential Treatment

While still providing the 37 hours of weekly treatment services, this program also focuses on the greater challenges faced by those dealing with diagnosed depression and other psychiatric and mental health issues while treating the primary disease of AOD addiction. Our Addiction Board-licensed psychiatrist provides oversight with psychiatric services, supervises medication protocols, and works with other treatment team professional to complete the integrated collaboration. Typical length of stay is 45 to 60 days.

Transitional Living

Our Halfway/Transitional Living level of care is available to clients who have completed residential substance abuse services and are prepared to experience gradual step-down to lower level of care. Halfway/Transitional Living provides clients with the opportunity to work and develop skills to create or restore balance between work, family, and leisure. Clients are required to obtain employment or attend school, as well as continue with outpatient counseling. Typical length of stay is two to three months, with a maximum stay of four months.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Designed to meet the needs of clients who do not meet residential admission criteria but are in need of an intense level of Outpatient engagement (9-16 hours of counseling services per week) for 4-12 weeks, depending upon need and progress toward Treatment Plan goals and objective. Many times used as a step-down from Detox and/or Residential Treatment, IOP combines individual, group, education, Relapse Prevention and other

Outpatient Treatment

Designed for those who do not meet residential admission criteria;  are in need of interim services or are ready for the gradual step-down to less-intense services from a residential/higher level of care.

Addiction and recovery education, individual and/or group counseling, case management, and peer recovery support  services are available. Typical outpatient programs last six-seven weeks and include approximate 20 to 24 three-hour sessions. Both day and evening sessions are available to accommodate employment and childcare needs.

Continuing Care (CC)

Designed for all patients/clients who complete any 12&12 residential or outpatient treatment program. Our CC assists the client in continuing his or her recovery process by participating in group support sessions.

Sober Living (SLP)

Designed to meet the needs of individuals who are progressively able to take more independent steps in pursuit of long-term recovery but who still need and desire a sober living environment. Outpatient services are available to Sober Living Program residents who need continued services or additional recovery support. Candidates for SLP must have maintained sobriety for at least three months.

Other Services

Family education, assessment and referral, crisis intervention and outreach services provided as indicated/needed. Please feel free to make suggestions about services you would like to see 12&12 offer.

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