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  • Tulsa Mulls New Approach to Address Public Drunkenness

    Tulsa Mulls New Approach to Address Public Drunkenness

    TULSA, Oklahoma – By Clifton Adcock, Oklahoma Watch Each year, 3,000 to 4,000 people are booked into Tulsa’s David L. Moss Correctional Center, the county jail, on complaints of public intoxication. Some are chronic alcoholics. Others went out for a good time and had too much to drink, said Tulsa Police Department Maj. Travis Yates.

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  • Yoga – A New Recovery for Addicts

    Yoga – A New Recovery for Addicts

    Brad Collins, 12-12 Services Analyst Director. Yoga new recovery tool for addicts By Ralph Schaefer TB&LN correspondent Yoga is being employed at 12&12, Inc., to help meet the organization’s goal of helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions. 12&12, Inc., 6333 E. Skelly Drive, is one of the largest and most comprehensive residential treatment

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  • 12 & 12 Alums Have a Special Role – by Ralph Schafer, Tulsa World

    Members help participants in the 12&12 program remain drug and alcohol free by going back to their alma mater to encourage residents on a path towards sobriety. Brad Collins, 12&12 services analyst director, said the active, engaged association, with 25 or 30 active members, meets regularly twice a month at 6333 E. Skelly Drive. Several

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