12 & 12, Inc. Alums Have a Special Role

Members help participants in the 12 & 12, Inc. program remain drug and alcohol free by going back to their alma mater to encourage residents on a path towards sobriety.

Brad Collins, 12 & 12, Inc. services analyst director, said the active, engaged association, with 25 or 30 active members, meets regularly twice a month at 6333 E. Skelly Drive. Several others are part of the association but less rigorously involved.

Association members plan recreation and leisure activities together. They go to support meetings as a unit. They bring activities to folks in treatment and do cookouts for residents.

Residents love to be around association members because they see how it is possible to turn their lives away from alcohol and drug addictions, he said.

Two alumni members recently attended the Unite For Recovery rally in Washington, D.C. and were among thousands who gathered to advocate for and break the stigma associated with people in recovery.

One association member who has been with the group since it was organized in 2013, has been a wonderful advocate and spokesperson for recovery in the Tulsa area, Collins said.

This is a voluntary association made up of former 12&12 members, he said. It is not a 12&12 sponsored program, but the nonprofit agency provides a meeting space and an opportunity to return to the treatment center.

“The neat thing is many of these folks have competed treatment and gone about their lives in recovery,” he said.

Some have come back as 12 & 12, Inc. employees to give back. Their participation in the association is outside their employment role. It is part of the investment they make to give back and be a resource for folks.

It’s a neat message of hope that is offered to those in treatment. Now these people can see that while their life might seem hopeless at the moment, recovery is possible and it is possible to build a new life, a life that some never had.