Medical Director COVID-19 Update week of 4/13

Friends and Community Members,

We continue to press ahead with meeting the mission and goals of 12&12 to help those in need, despite these difficult times. I am happy to announce that to our knowledge, we have not had any COVID cases in the facility, nor have we had any Persons Under Suspicion. This is a great triumph that I think recognizes the incredible diligence of the employees of 12&12, the Leadership of Bryan Day, and our clients. We need to continue this work a little longer. As the local pandemic shifts, I would like to provide you a brief update on the status of patient care:

We remain 100% open with programming running at almost pre-COVID levels. We are utilizing technology in ways that we have not even considered in the past. At this time, all of our programming is now 100% virtual and allows us to adhere to social distancing and not have any in person consolidation of more than 2 people. We believe going beyond the 10 person limitation is necessary to maintain the lowest chance of transmission possible.

2 weeks ago we contracted with an outside agency to provide deep cleaning of the facility, including the use of electrostatic fogging. We believe this greatly eliminates the virus from any surfaces that it may be on. I am pleased to announce that Mr. Day has engaged them to come back this week to repeat the cleaning. In addition, he has purchased this equipment and it should be delivered in the next few weeks so that we can provide this on a more regular basis.

A few weeks ago, we implemented strict environmental precautions. All of these remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Last week, under strict control, we reopened the detox unit. Everything is up and running smoothly without any problems. Besides serving our mission, we believe that having this available will assist our medical hospitals in being able to transfer patients sooner so that they can take care of potentially sicker individuals.

When the crisis first started, we were only accepting bed to bed transfers after an individual had been in a facility for 7 days. Last week, we lowered that to 5. Today, I am happy to announce that we are lowering it to 3. It is my hope that we can start taking walk in admissions within the next two weeks.

We are allowing patients to be transported by 12&12 only. In order to be responsive to our community partners, we have multiple drivers and rented multiple vans. Our drivers are cleaning the vans extensively prior to transport and are also wearing masks. We will continue to travel the entire state to pick up patients and bring them to 12&12.

I hope that you can appreciate the commitment that 12&12 has to our patients, our staff, and the community and state that we love. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Jason Beaman D.O., M.S., M.P.H., FAPA
Medical Director, 12&12 Inc.