Medical Director’s COVID-19 Update for the week of 4/27

Dear Employees, Stakeholders, and Friends:

The past week found reason for hope. State officials are acknowledging that Oklahoma has likely “peaked” with new COVID-19 cases. We have not experienced a hospital surge that was seen in other states. This is no way means that we are out of the woods. There is the beginning of discussion within the medical fields that COVID-10 is likely here to stay and that social distancing will be needed until 2022. I believe this is an important fact to understand. 12&12 has been forever changed in our operating procedures and will not relent in our fight to keep patients and staff safe while fulfilling our mission. As part of this battle, this week we have implanted the following changes:

We have developed quarantine precautions so that we can safely handle individuals while awaiting testing.

We have developed procedures to handle an individual short term if they return a positive result.

Last week we started to accept individuals from the statewide waiting list. This has been implemented flawlessly as the result of the incredible efforts of the 12&12 admissions department. With safe procedures in place, I feel comfortable to increasing this to 5 patients a day. We continue to evaluate local transmission rates to determine when we can fully accept patients and hope to do so in 7-14 days.

I am very pleased to announce recent efforts from our clinical department on treatment efforts. Effective today, our clients will be receiving more treatment contact hours virtually then prior to the crisis. This endeavor was not easy and requires an incredible complex matrix of sharing virtual devices and video capable rooms. Yet 12&12 commitment to helping those in recovery has demanded all of our efforts.

Last week, we brought a counselor back on site to assist the nursing staff with helping clients. I hope to start gradually bringing more clinical staff back into the building slowly over the next 30 days. Of course, this greatly depends on information from local and state authorities.

I am proud of the efforts to 12&12 over the last 2 months and feel incredibly confident that we have successfully navigated dangerous waters. We remain committed to helping those in need, yet protecting our current patients and staff.

Jason Beaman D.O., M.S., M.P.H., FAPA
Meidcal Director, 12&12, Inc.