Tulsa Sobering Center celebrates one year of

Tulsa- 12&12, Inc. was proud to celebrate a year of The Tulsa Sobering Center. The center is a partnership with the Tulsa Police Department and was opened at 12&12 in May of 2018. When officers make an arrest for public intoxication they can bring the person to the sobering center where they will stay for 10 hours. It is an alternative to going to jail.

The Tulsa Sobering Center served 767 people in its first year of operation. People delivered by Tulsa Police Officers are held at the facility for a minimum of 10 hours. At the end of their stay, they have the option to go directly into treatment at the 12&12 facility, and 32 individuals made that choice.

You can read more about the impact of The Tulsa Sobering Center at 12&12, Inc at the links below.


Police have brought hundreds of people to Tulsa Sobering Center.

Tulsa Sobering Center celebrates first year.

Tulsa Sobering Center celebrates first year in operation.