Our Programs

Many Oklahomans want and seek professional help with overcoming their addictions. We hear their cries for help every day when over 250 of them call seeking services. Unfortunately, although we are one of the largest community addiction treatment centers in Oklahoma, we can only provide treatment for a handful of the individuals making these 250 daily calls for help.


Given this overwhelming community need, we concentrate our services on offering adults suffering from the brain disease of addiction or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders life-saving recovery tools to support their ability to achieve individualized recoveries. We serve our clients through a complete continuum of care that provides multiple levels of treatment including detoxification, intensive residential treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, counseling, and transitional living.


Our service model is based on a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates medical oversight, psychiatry, nursing, counseling and case management. Our treatment approaches reflect our commitment to providing compassion, safety, respect and dignity for all in a safe and therapeutic environment. In alignment with evidence-based practices, we’re simultaneously treating co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders to dramatically increase our clients’ likelihood for recovery.

Medically supervised detoxification

This is our highest level of care for clients at a high risk for medical complications during withdrawal. The program involves medical monitoring protocols, staffed by registered nurses. With primary care oversight administered by an addiction-certified physician, typical length of stay is 4-7 days.

Ambulatory detoxification

This step of detox provides an alternative to medically supervised detox on an outpatient basis for clients who have an active, healthy support system and present with no apparent high-risk medical or neurological symptoms from substance abuse.

Intensive residential treatment

Facilitated by a licensed or under supervision Primary Counselor, this program includes 37 weekly hours of integrated, individual, group and education counseling services including: anger management, grief recovery, self-esteem enhancement, coping skills acquisition, stress management skills, interpersonal relationship-building skills, gender specific issues and relapse prevention.

Intensive co-occurring residential treatment

While providing the same 37 hours of weekly treatment services as residential treatment, this program also focuses on the greater challenges faced with clients also dealing with depression and other psychiatric and mental issues while treating the primary disease of AOD addiction. Our addiction-board licensed psychiatrist provides oversight with psychiatric services, supervises medication protocols, and works with the other treatment team members. Typical length of stay is 45-60 days.

Transitional living

For clients who have successfully completed residential substance abuse services and are prepared to experience gradual step-down to lower level of care, we have our Halfway/Transitional Living program. This program gives clients the opportunity to work and develop skills to create or restore balance between work, family and leisure. Clients must be employed or attending school and they must continue outpatient counseling. Typical length of stay is 2-3 months, with a maximum stay of 4 months.

Intensive outpatient treatment

This program is designed for clients who do not meet residential admission criteria but need an intense level of outpatient engagement. This program provides 9-16 counseling hours a week for 4-12 weeks. This is often a step-down program from detox or residential treatment or other 12 & 12, Inc. program.

As of January 1st, 2020, the 12&12 Outpatient Program will be focused on serving low-income clients who meet ODMHSAS eligibility.

We will no longer be accepting new clients with insurance benefits.

Please contact your insurance provider for an outpatient program referral.

Outpatient treatment

Similarly, this program is designed for our clients who do not meet residential admission criteria or are ready for a gradual step-down to less-intensive services. Typical outpatient programs last 6-7 weeks of about 20-24 three-hour sessions. Day and evening sessions are available to accommodate work and childcare needs.

Continuing care

This program is available to any client who has completed any 12&12, Inc. residential or outpatient treatment program, and it assists clients in continuing their recovery in group support sessions.

Other services

12&12, Inc. also offers family education, assessment and referral, crisis intervention and outreach services as needed.