Success Stories

I’m an Army veteran. When I decided to recover from my drug addictions, I turned to 12&12, Inc. and the VA for assistance. 12&12, Inc. and the VA staff were compassionate and patient, tolerant, and empowering. 12&12, Inc. saved my life.


12&12, Inc. staff loved me until I could love myself. Because of the time I spent at 12&12, Inc., I’ve been sober since December 12, 2012. Now, I have hope for a better future for myself and those around me, in my community and in the world.


- Curtis


In a 12-step meeting, someone suggested that because I am a veteran, I might be able to get help for treatment through the VA. Within two days, I was admitted for in-patient treatment at 12&12, Inc.


The dedicated staff of 12&12, Inc. is absolutely amazing, and the help provided by them is transformative, if you are willing to accept it. They gave me so many useful tools to use in my recovery. Actually, I call them WEAPONS of recovery, because I am fighting a war and those amazing people have helped arm me for battle. They gave me a whole arsenal to work with, and I find that I use various weapons taught at 12&12, Inc. on a daily basis.


I am very please to say that my sobriety date is March 8, 2010. Today, I lead a full and happy life.


- Laura J.


Silma T. and Bill B.