Success Stories

The 15-year lifespan of my country music career was cut short by the bottle. I had the best writers in Nashville. I had a good management team. I had a good label behind me. I had everything for stardom and I drank it away.


I had been in and out of treatment, but by the time I made it to 12&12 on March 3, 2016, I was just ready to get sober. During treatment, I told my counselor I had a block that prevented me from playing music when I was sober. My counselor urged me to bring a guitar and sing everyone a song five days a week. I spent 60 days in treatment, so every day I had to come in and sing a song, just to prove it to myself. It worked. I now enjoy singing hope and inspiration songs while sober. Without a doubt, my treatment at 12&12 saved my life.


Life means more to me today. Recently, I got to have dinner with my daughter and that wouldn't have happened during addiction. It's things like that family experience that make this the best time of my life.


- Scott M.

In 2005, curiosity got me to try meth. After six months on meth, I started losing jobs and ended up declaring bankruptcy. I wanted to be in control of my life so I started dealing meth myself. In 2008, the problems started. I was busted for trafficking meth.


Under court order, I went to treatment at 12&12, Inc. on May 24, 2011. The staff at 12&12, Inc. gave me hope - hope that I could recover. During the first 28 days of recovery, I found clarity and could feel again. I felt the pain of being isolated from my family, especially my two kids. I read and said the goals on the wall: 'I am a worthwhile woman, I deserve to be loved, respected, not rejected or neglected.' It was the staff that made the difference. They taught me discipline again. It's what led me to recovery.


I My life today is awesome! I have a job. I try to live on the principles of recovery daily especially acceptance, humility, gratitude and love. I believe that love is the principle that changes everything. Life is good when you see everything with love .


- Silma T.

In 1994, I wanted to kill myself. I had been drinking about 28 years. I had lost a job I had held for 14 years and a 20-year-relationship with my first wife. I had progressed from drinking on weekends to drinking every night, and I had gone from mostly beer to straight whiskey.


At 12 & 12, Inc. I went through treatment and Men’s Halfway. I still had a lot of anger and threw little fits on a regular basis, so I agreed I would not get mad and leave. I would give myself 24 hours to cool off and think about it before making any decisions. That kept me at 12 & 12, Inc. several times when I was frustrated and felt like giving up.


I stayed for 15 months. Like I told the group when I received my one-year medallion, ‘No one is more surprised than I am!’ My goal when I got to 12&12, Inc. was to get my 90-day chip. Now, I’ve been sober more than 21 years! I feel like 12&12, Inc. saved my life. It was a slow process, but the person that walked in 12&12, Inc. and the person that walked out are as different as day and night.


- Bill B.


I’m an Army veteran. When I decided to recover from my drug addictions, I turned to 12&12, Inc. and the VA for assistance. 12&12, Inc. and the VA staff were compassionate and patient, tolerant, and empowering. 12&12, Inc. saved my life.


12&12, Inc. staff loved me until I could love myself. Because of the time I spent at 12&12, Inc., I’ve been sober since December 12, 2012. Now, I have hope for a better future for myself and those around me, in my community and in the world.


- Curtis


In a 12-step meeting, someone suggested that because I am a veteran, I might be able to get help for treatment through the VA. Within two days, I was admitted for in-patient treatment at 12&12, Inc.


The dedicated staff of 12&12, Inc. is absolutely amazing, and the help provided by them is transformative, if you are willing to accept it. They gave me so many useful tools to use in my recovery. Actually, I call them WEAPONS of recovery, because I am fighting a war and those amazing people have helped arm me for battle. They gave me a whole arsenal to work with, and I find that I use various weapons taught at 12&12, Inc. on a daily basis.


I am very please to say that my sobriety date is March 8, 2010. Today, I lead a full and happy life.


- Laura J.


Silma T. and Bill B.