12&12 Medical Director’s COVID update


As the pandemic progresses, 12&12 is running on all cylinders with minimal sporadic disruptions to services. The time we took in the initial months to develop our policies and procedures is paying off. Also, I remain impressed by the diligence of most employees, including supervisors. We have been able to minimize the impact of a positive exposure dramatically.


The numbers in Tulsa, and Oklahoma remain high, in fact some of the highest numbers per capita in the country. We are seeing decrease in daily rates and 7 day moving average, reflective of city wide mas mandates. Unfortunately, there is a time gap between infection and hospitalization and Tulsa hospitals are all very busy with COVID patients. There continues to be work around the city to increase capacity to accommodate. We have also not yet seen the full effect of children returning to school.


I believe this is where we are for the next 12-24 months. I believe there is little chance of the virus going away on its own, although with the increased mask use and continued social distancing, we can certainly limit the impact. There are several vaccines on the horizon, some very close. We hope to know the effectiveness and safety of these vaccines, along with how many doses (some require more than one administration) around the first of the year. There will be some lag time in implementing the use of these, but probably the best chance we have in returning to normal life.


Please be wary of COVID fatigue, which I think we all have. This leads us to let our guard down and increase our risk to ourselves and others. Please be mindful of information from social media and other sources as a lot of different groups are politicizing the epidemic and have agendas to make it seem better or worse than it is. This is not the time to reject science/guidance from the medical community. Our responsibility to the individuals in our care and to the organization is too important. We continue to have sporadic employees test positive for the virus. While the impact to the facility has been minimal, it has not been as good as it could have been. I cannot stress enough that if you do not feel well…DO NOT COME TO WORK. This has happened several times and is a violation of guidance and policy. Supervisors will start monitoring and disciplining for lack of compliance.


I am very proud of the efforts that we have made and that our census remains higher than ever at such a challenging time. This could not be possible without all of the work by our fantastic employees. Your dedication is much appreciated.


Jason Beaman D.O., M.S., M.P.H.
Medical Director, 12&12 Inc.